Hi, I'm Lisa

I'm a Designer & Innovation Consultant

As a User Experience Designer I create products and services. As a User Researcher I dig deep into the behaviour of people. As an Innovation Consultant I support organisations in developing their products and services.

I'm a User Experience Designer

As a user experience designer I create digital and analogue products and services. Thereby the user is always at the heart of what I design.

My main focus of experience is in the field of education. But the curiosity to look beyond is always great. What matters to me is to (re)design things, when and where it makes the most sense. My work should activate and engage the people that come into contact with it.

Although my focus here is on drafting concepts, much of the work also makes its way into the final design.

I'm a User Researcher

As a user researcher I dig deep into people’s behavior and motives.

I conduct qualitative interviews in order to explore the challenge topic, as well as test assumptions or solutions. I know how to combine this research with other methods in order to create a richer understanding of the customer or user – and I am always experimenting with new formats.

My work includes data gathering and evaluating as well as their interpretation in order to draw out learnings and move forward.

I'm an Innovation Consultant

As an innovation consultant I advise organisations on how to improve their products and services.

Using my expertise, I guide teams through various phases of a project: developing new ideas, testing them on the market, and drawing up an implementation strategy.

Additionally, I work as a trainer in agile methodologies; thereby supporting teams to reflect on group dynamics and creating a culture of feedback is my passion.


Let my workspeak for me

To give you an impression of what I am good at, I have selected some of my favourite projects from the last few years. It is important for me to not only show you the »glossy« final project side, but to also give you an insight into my design process, my way of working and my learnings looking back on each project.

Future Boxes

Design a learning curriculum and related educational material that addresses trends and future challenges  …


Become the voice of the customer to constantly improve the learning platform in a user-centric…

Feedback 2.0

Design a future scenario for the use of digital technologies in schools that tracks and…

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